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We all have encounter many people who say they want  to know the truth, when in fact they really don't, truth is very bold and confrontational, it requires change, when a person is not ready to change, they have a problem with the truth, what they really want is for you to agree with there perception of the truth, if you want truth, then you must be ready for change, if you want change, you must be willing to be confronted,  if not, then don't seek to know truth. It's been said the truth will make you free, but truth must be the right information, not your perception. CAD

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If you want to change, do it for growth, for renewal, to know life in a better way. After all, God created nature to change with each Season for all the living creatures to sustain their lives. WE are His children and we are His pride and joy welcome His changes and embrace them inside out.

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Keep You

If people talk against you.....remember God has your back....lies fall on deaf ears...so don't own their issues with a negative reaction...keep your God given character and know who you really are.
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Not All Caged Birds Sing

Not all caged birds sing. Some work faithfully every day, toiling in silence. Some satiate their imprisonment with temporary pleasures. Some beat their wings against the bars, crying out to be saved, or just to feel something other than sorrow. And some watch their lives tick by, day by day, until the clock stops ticking.
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The Noble Sacrifice

Sometimes our choices, as well-meaning as they are, will never make us happy. Sometimes we doom ourselves to a life of mediocrity and complacency, just to make others happy. Problem is, one day we will look in the mirror, and realize that we sacrificed our own happiness in the process. Some of us will go to our graves, having robbed ourselves of a lifetime of happiness.
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