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Learn to have a good relationship with yourself, learn to love yourself, nurture yourself, take time for yourself, get to know yourself, be patient with yourself, in doing so you will learn how to do the same for others. CAD 

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The Cross

Here you shall receive your sight. This is where everything comes to light. The Cross, where I lay it all at his feet with assurance that all my needs he shall meet. Today, take it to the Cross.


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Do not leave until you know you have  done all you could have,

You have left early if you have to make a U-turn and go back,

Do noy leave unless you know nothing will ever change.

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Outstretched arms

Strech out your arms signifying your freedom;  free in christ, free to be you, free to serve, free from the cares of this world. When you decide to come in, choosing to take up your cross and follow Jesus you can stretch out your arms and say thank God I am free!  

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Send us rain

Send us rain. Wash away our pain. Bring forth a shower of Grace. Lord, we seek your face. Send your rain, Open up a window of heaven and Let it rain. I hear the abundance of rain. As we Rise up, eat, drink and wait. Expecting your downpour. Father, send us rain.
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Family that prays

Family that prays together stays together. Natural family, spiritual family, church family and family of friends. Form a circle of togetherness holding hands that are unchanging for God's glory. Make a difference, prayer on one accord speaks volumes.
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I woke one day to realise

Some things were left unsaid

I turned and found myself alone

In my cold, lonely bed

Whatever happened to our Love

Is still unclear to me…

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