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Broken wing

Lord, You know my heart,
Everyone of my desires,
My every thought,
My every fear,
Every horrible memory,...
Even the smallest of tears,
You transformed me,
With love and grace always in abundance,
To heal, lift, and comfort, every broken inch of me,
Today I have been set free,
My spirit has been renewed,
I know peace,
I live with hope,
I have joy,
All thanks to You,
Today I touch love,
I believe wholeheartedly,
That your love is real,
Not just a dream, or
A make believe story,
In one of those books of Disney,
Rather it id a promise,
A promise you fulfilled in me,
Making me forget all the pain,
The sorrow,
The despair,
That for so long weighed on me,
I by grace am no longer broken,
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When you least expect it,
When you are lost without a map,
When you are forced to walk the plank,
Without a clue of how to swim,
Or a life vest, to take with,...
When you are anxious,and afraid,
When you feel like you are walking on quick sand,
When you feel you have nothing to stand on,
When life does not make sense,
And everything just seems too complex,
There is a next to silent voice,
Within you,
In the deepest of your soul,
Saying-"trust me,
you will be good, I got you"
Now move,
To the sound of my voice,
I will lead you, where you are meant to go.
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Be about God,
Be about your parter,
Be about your children,
Be about your house,
Be about your finances, ...
Be about your blessings,
Be about being thankful for it all,
Be about discretion, not everyone cares,
Be about prayer,
Be about your grind,
Be about building, not tearing apart,
Be about edifying,
Be about constructive conversations, not gossiping,
Be about uplifting, not judging,
Be about spreading genuine goodness,
Not pretentious friendship,
Be about your business, mind it,
Be about your bedroom, not everyone else's,
Be about your family, their wellbeing,
And, live your happily ever after,
With your man, your love, your husband,
With peace, and an abundance of blessings.…
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Just to be your woman,
She forgot that she is lady,
She willfully gave her heart,
Just to be in your thoughts,
In presence of an emotional orgasm,...
But not anymore,
Tired of not getting even a kiss from your heart to hers,
From something as simple as a text,
Tired of only feeling whole when you eat the dinner she made,
Or from you wearing that shirt she with so much love bought you,
When you wore her favorite cologne, and with a hug she smelled on you,
Or that pair of bottoms,
She only saw on a simple pic,
She is not a thing,
So much more than just a fantasy,
She is woman,
More than just a pretty face,
Or a nice figure,
With young breasts,
And wide hips,
She loved you,
She put you first, …
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Could have been, always was,
"All she knows", said circumstance,
"Cold"- said the sun, to the idea of warmth,
Distance is all that He can touch,
The stars say -"hold on",...
The universe tries to preserve balance,
Paid for with silence,
Always willing,
Nothing but selfless,
Forever loving,
Of the life love brought,
That shooting star,
Crushed by a meteorite,
Descending of a comet,
At the speed of life,
Withering in the gravity of conscience,
Human judgement,
Whatever temporary facade,
Doing away,
With the galaxy of love,
Where life was found,
Acceptance brewed,
Forgiveness grows,
Solitude is prompt,
Erotic and sexy abound,
A place perfectly imperfect for you,
But still for doubt,
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Nice to meet you

I do not know malice,
I am not vindictive,
I am not selfish,
I am understanding,
I am selfless, ...
I am not jealous,
I do not know envy,
I vest in building,
I bring healing,
I focus on edifying,
I bring peace,
I do not judge,
Rather, I believe,
I am because He is,
Without Him,
Nothing would be,
I would not exist,
You would not be,
But by grace I am Him,
By grace I live in you,
in a world who does not know Him,
My name is LOVE, nice to meet you.
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Nothing we do,
Yet, all that we are,
What we are to become,
If anything at all,
It is all by grace, ...
Gods unconditional love for us,
So much grater than this world can phathom,
Begin to imagine,
Will never get to hold,
Yet, always wonder about,
For this is but tangible,
Let us be bigger than mental control,
Super natural,
For though we are humanly bound,
Our spirits are not of this world,
These are free,
They dance with our minds,
Our faith,
Our hope,
They stand with the Father,
And He is in heaven,
Way bigger than this world,
And its superficial definitions of beauty, right, wrong, heaven, or hell,
It all is customized,
Tailored to,
Something or someone else,
Not at all…
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Love is the only emotion,
That can take you to heaven,
Put you through hell,
Heal you,
Brake you, ...
Making you more beautiful in every way,
Than you were before,
Willing and selfless,
Something you never knew,
And last but not least,
Immune to judgement or hate,
Regardless of whatever the trial we face,
It is truly the epitome of emotions,
Lethal and harmless all in one,
Only God,
Could ever begin to create,
Such a phenomenon.
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Every time a struggle comes your way, rather than a tribulation, let us make it a graduation, one where we are stronger, happier, loving, and embracing what is worth it, those that matter, those that have earned it, who deserve it, and let the rest just be, for it just is, and all that was but no longer is, and that is perfect, for if it was meant it already would be, and it too would be a part of your story, your journey, today a celebration, a triumph, like the life you are blessed to be living today.

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