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In His eyes, I am great and I can do alllll things

In my eyes, I am weak and in need of the king

With His mouth, He whispers to me, beautiful words to sing

With my mouth, I mummer " I am weak and can do nothing"

With His arms, He holds and comforts me…

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Child of God

God you are working and it's amazing to see. All the goodness of your heart and the possibilities. I yearn for your love, peace, and understanding. To be humbled during life's teachings. To be thankful for all that you give me because I have a purpose. Although the path may seem blurred and the task isn't crystal clear..... But You Dear God walk with me, always.

Holding my hand. Guiding my feet. Uplifting my spirits, especially at the lowest times. I want to live for you so that when the day ends and my deed here is done, my soul is fulfilled. For you Dear God lead me here. You stayed the entire time. A child of God. I will then walk with you in paradise.

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Kamil - on media attention to stupid issues

"What does it matter to you? What does it matter who she loves? What should it matter to the world? What should it matter to people who look up to her? And why should you suffocate my sister with your propaganda. Spewing. Bullshit? Of all the qualities she has, why THAT of all things?" - Kamil Hachiko, addressing the crowd on the sex of his little sister's life partner

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A New Destination

We were falling toward the pit of hell when LOVE caught us before we reached our destination. Now we have changed direction, traveling to place that has been prepared for those who love God. A place where there are many mansions. A place of which the human mind does not have the ability to conceive of its awesome beauty.

Blane Charity Sr.

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Remain Humble

Life can be hard, difficult, and unfair. Sometimes it seems that our best just isn't good enough, but rest assured in this:

God knows our hearts, and He sees what men can't see. Don't be discouraged because if we remain humble He will raise us above the opposition, and confound the wise of the earth.

Blane Charity Sr.

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