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Anger Is My Enemy!

The blood rushes to my head. My heart beats rapidly! I pray to my GOD to help this anger get under control. He answered with many solutions. I've taken them all. A BALANCE is what she calls. I have to beat this. I won't allow it to make myself lose it all. Take control, swallow your PRIDE and take the HIGH ROAD. She began to cry. She feels hurt inside. FIGHT! It's til the DEATH! But, I don't wanna DIE. Then, turn away and LIFE one more TRY.
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Hatred Can Change

The HATRED you'll wtiness someday into the eyes of another human being. They'll blame it on an UPBRINGING instead of SELF. At some point in your life the RESPONSIBILITY relies only on SELF. There's nothing wrong with CHANGE. Try it someday...Hopefully someone can LIVE to see another day.
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My Boost

As many times I have failed...I've NEVER given up! I was surrounded by FRIENEMIES. Some of are a KIN to me, but it was never strange to me. They contributed a BOOST in my life. The career I shall have, the life I already have and the past is never built to last. Thank you for making me into who I am.
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Born in Love

Christianity is born out of two lovers,

We are the product of a relationship,between-God the Father and the -Son,

And if we do not relate with each other and do not love each other,

We deny who we are--Children of Love,,

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Be Thankful

This is the story i heard from a preacher:

Be thankful for what you have,"The old man had an old but running car and he complained to God about it.

And God answered him and say be thankful your neighbour,is cycling to work everyday,

The neighbour was also complaining to God and God told the cycling brother that "You are better than your cousin, because she is walking to work in rain in summer and in winter and she is even older than you"

And the cousin was pleading with God for a miracle and God replied,'PLEASE do not complain because your friend has a son that has lost limbs both feet have been amputated,You…

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The tears i cried when you left were tears of joy,

It is a joy to find out  in time that something does not work out,

While millions stay on stagnant muddy waters until it became too late,

to do anything about it.

My tears are the tears of joy.Thank you for leaving me (in time).

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I am crying

I am not crying for you leaving me,

I am crying for us for letting go of such a beautiful thing,

Beautiful will always be in my heart and loving you was good,

Is a pain when good things come to an end and we both know,

We are both fools to let go of such a love that many will die looking for.

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The difficult question

The most difficult question to answer is-Who are you?

To most people they always define who they are by what they posses,

What you have do not make who you are ,it just some stuff to add on you,

If you can describe who you are without attaching stuff to your description, --You are matured.

Matured enough to be the next Pope.

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Who are You?

I am a beautiful soul that is filled with praises and thankfulness

I am a daughter of the most high God that cares

I am a friend to many and a simple soul that loves without fear,

I am not afraid of tomorrow i know who holds it,

I am a worshipper, a preacher ,a mother, a child , Yes i am all and do all through the ONE the strengthens me

Do you know "Who are You"?

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Speed humps

They are designed for drivers not to harm other road users,

Also designed for drivers not to get hurt and knock the vehicle,

That you come across them in life is not a problem,

Cross them with your eyes on the look out,--For what you can hurt and for what can hurt you.

Is not your destination is just a hump and is not a stop--keep on moving,

Life is a journey just move,


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Not Enough

It is not important what you know as a leader,

Learn new tricks and new ways to keep you ahead of the game,

Look for what you do not know,

Do not be comfortable,until you find out what is it that  you do not know.


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Faith and Peace

I understand the anger, but what I don't understand are people being the only creatures on earth that will destroy their own neighborhoods if they don't get the results they want, whether it's a championship game or a killing. Yes, people fought and died so we can have the right to vote, but they also set examples on how to protest peacefully without violence. God will have the final revenge.

Blane Charity Sr.

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