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Buried Truth or Deception

                                                                              One binds and the other divides; which pill will your loved one have to swallow?…
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My Father Loves Me

It isn't a diamond or even worth more than $10.00, but I cherish it. I had misplaced it before but found it again after several years. Then just recently I lost it again, and I asked God to please help me find it. I backtracked my steps and searched for it to no avail. I was relentless though and would not give up on finding it like I did the first time I had lost it. Why wouldn't I just give up after two weeks had passed, and I had no idea where I had dropped it? Because I had prayed and knew God would help me to find it. Today, God opened my eyes to see it right on the driver's seat of my car. What's remarkable about this story is I had searched the car before and it was not visible. I rejoiced and gave thanks to God right in the parking lot. You see - it was no longer about the little thing I had lost, but further confirmation that My Father Who Is In Heaven loves me and is concerned about even the smallest details of my existence on this Earth. I love You too, Lord!
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Abundant Living

An abundant life isn't a trouble-free life, but it is identified by the abundance of spiritual fruit. We are lovingly wrapped in joy and peace, tethered by discipline and long-suffering, governed by meekness, and set free by love and faith. Words of kindness are permanent fixtures on our tongues. Because we know where we could be, we are grateful for where God has us.

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