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Haters aren’t really haters some people don’t like to hear the truth.  They will be opposed to whatever you say if it doesn’t fit their vision for you!!!

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Let us not be deceived seeking what God has not said.  Give me the truth of God’s Word and let me share and meditate on that instead!!!

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Don't lie to me if you love me.

Don't tell me that it was a trick

When you know you are to blame

I've partaken in your dirty work

I see that you're playing games

Don't act like you're something

When the proof says otherwise

Up until now I've stood by your side

But this can't be…

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God's Love

God's love helps you to believe again, live again, dream again, it also helps you begin again, it's nothing wrong with starting over, it's a sure sign of courage. CAD 

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Be The Answer

We often pray to God for him to do certain things in our lives, the thing is after we have prayed we are to get up and become the answer to our own prayers, yes; we have that ability, the problem is we expect God to do everything, then why did He give you power? CAD

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Someone is fighting for their life, maybe it's a loved one or maybe you have lost someone to this devastating disease, whatever the cause maybe, they deserve to know that someone cares enough to do something, even if it's just taking the time to wear pink in honor of those who are being challenged with this disease, show the love, think pink and wear it, i'm sure they will appreciate it. CAD 

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Be The Master

You don't get want you need by waiting for things to happen, you have to make it happen, that's taking control over your circumstance, stop being the slave and become the master, your circumstance will come subject to you when you show who's in charge. CAD

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A Godly Wife's Clothing

A wife is best clothed in wisdom, humility, grace, mercy, kindness, and meekness. With those Godly attributes, she will be loved, respected, honored, and cherished by her husband, children, family, friends, and community. Everywhere she goes and everything she touches will be blessed.

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