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How can one discover their capabilities if they are not tested at one time or another. This would set the boundaries on which skills need improvement, and which skills are useful. A test any true conqueror must go through. Overcome adversity through faith with the realization that failure may be part of the battle, but never the final answer.

Blane Charity Sr.

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Less Than

Know one has an excuse for being less than who they are, everyday we are exposed to opportunities to help us manifest the greatness that is within us, the question is, are you seizing the opportunities or refusing them. CAD  

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A Standard

Love is and sets the standard, the fruit of the spirit is the result of this standard; love, joy, peace, patience,  gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, temperance, anything other than these is below the standard of love, all of these exist because love refuses to compromise, if you say you love then respect and keep the standard. CAD   

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