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Call on God

There have been many days of streaming tears. The days are lonely, and you may feel there isn't anyone who truly cares. When you called on those in whom you thought to be closest and dearest to you, they made you feel even worse than before. Call on God. He wants you to come to Him in prayer, with the faith that He can bring you out of any situation.

Blane Charity Sr.

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The Walk: Press On

You don't get to where you are going by complaining where you are now.  You press on towards the mark that God has planned for you, trusting his every move even if it means scaring you.  He knows what he is doing.  Follow him because the World cannot give you what God already has for you.

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My Slave Ancestors

Even now we receive vivid depictions of General Sherman's march through the South from family, friends, historians, books, TV, newspapers, sons and daughters of the confederacy, etc.    We hear about the burning rampage, and the brutality of the union troops.   My slave ancestors down here sleep, and no one vividly depicted their untold sufferings and the brutality of their slave masters.   Hell, no one even bothered to write their full names down (if they were even given full names) or preserve their full names on a tombstone; so I would know who they are now and tell my daughter about them.   They're all around me, but where are they?  I can tell you about Lincoln, John C. Calhoun, Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, even the "Swamp Fox," etc., but I don't even know my Great Great Grand mother's or father's name.   Yeah, I know I can try Ancestry.Com or do the DNA family search thing, but it sure would have been nice…

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Let It Go

Close your eyes; take a few deep breaths; empty your heart of frustration; put your current situations in God's hands, and allow Him to fill your heart with peace.

Now open your eyes and proceed to walk in faith, and victory. When your mind is clear, God is able to help resolve your problems.

Blane Charity Sr.

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Lay it Down

Some people are holding up their own blessings because they are afraid to let go of the very things that God is asking them to lay down. Trust & believe if God asks you to put something down, it's because He wants you to pick up so something greater!!! What are you willing to give up to get to the next level?
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